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Occupational Health Centres

Occupational health clinics are outpatient services with nurses and/or doctors focused on:

Emergency / urgency situations / workplace accidents

Awareness and education

Curative and preventive medicine and nursing

Enhancing workers’ health and wellbeing and the prevention of occupational risks play a key role in driving improvements in productivity.

Reduction of direct and indirect costs associated with workplace accidents and health care provided.

Build up safety and trust in healthcare services.

Compliance with OHS legislation.

Reduction of absence levels results in increased productivity and profitability.

NWA External OHS Services

External OHS services help institutions that do not have the necessary skills to prevent occupational risks and to promote a suitable health surveillance of workers.

These services not only guarantee compliance with all the different OHS standards, but also contribute to their constant improvement.

To this end, NWA has qualified technicians with specialized training approved and certified by MAPTSS and CSST to exercise the profession of occupational health and safety technician.

Our services:

Risk assessment

On-site technical follow-up and counselling

Assessment of technical working conditions (thermal environment, noise, light, vibrations, optical radiation)

Occupational health prevention and surveillance programmes

Professional risks prevention programme

Regular monitoring of physical, chemical, biological and psychosocial risks

Investigation and analysis of workplace accidents and occupational diseases

Prevention planning

OHS manuals

Periodic reports of OHS activities

Health promotion

OHS information and training

NWA Occupational Health

Health services seek to promote working conditions which guarantee workplace well being, protect workers' health, promote their physical, mental and social welfare and prevent occupational diseases and work accidents.

In addition to providing first aid to employees in case of an accident at work, it is also an employers’ legal obligation to carry out medical fitness assessment and health surveillance.

The main benefit of occupational medicine is the prevention of work-related diseases and hazards as well as safeguarding the right to stay healthy at work. Occupational physicians assess employees’ medical fitness according to the type of hazards and to the workers’ current health status and issue a document in which they give recommendations on how to adapt working conditions to the employee, thus fighting the growth of occupational diseases and absence levels.

The Occupational Health services are carried out only under specific evaluation of each client and in integrated NWA projects.


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